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Teach! media

Indeed, let’s teach media.

All of us use media everyday. Harness the power.

Teachers: How are you using media? How are you unifying the world outside the classroom with the world your students live in? How do you maintain your own sense of purpose – what and where you lead students each and every day – to the classroom where minutes are counted?

Teach! media

Students: How are you using media? How can you bring your view of the world to be part of your educational life? How can you teach your teachers, your friends? How can the fun, the play, the connection you get with your own chosen mass of media be combined with the “work” you do in class each day?

Teach! media

Administrators: How are you using media? How can you bring your goals of where and what you wish to guide your area? How can you join with the world your teachers and students live with the agenda you must address?


Tell your story. Each of you to one another.

Teach! media
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