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SomeCity is Your City

We create media from the stories we're lucky enough to experience. From ski racers; to people with disabilities; to students with cameras and microphones in hand we find life on the edge. We're known as SomeCity because there is life in some city, any city, Your City.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


About Us

Coruway Film Institute (CFI) is also known by its brand name SomeCity. Our organization was founded with one goal in mind: bringing to you stories that change all of us. Our approach to creating and presenting media gives our audiences the opportunity to expand their horizons even as they may learn new skills in media production and in techniques of how to tell stories. We are an educational organization dedicated to media that celebrates the best of us. Our educational mission is outside of the classroom. Explore our videos and find your story.

We create

• media that builds community for people and causes

• story-telling lessons for creators of videos

• media production and distribution of independent films

Check out a few of our videos below and drop in to

our YouTube channel 


Your Story is Our Story

At Coruway Film Institute, we find drama in being present. That is where stories are born. Just like us. Our character is formed when we meet experience. Seeing and hearing bravery, persistence, resilience teaches it in us. We promise to be present for your story when you invite us in.


Where Magic Happens

Walk into the magic. Ours is a great space to dream to your audience. Whether a video podcast, a vlog of daily life or a chronicle of what drives you to stand up for your cause. We make mission based media. And that means that we need you to tell us of your mission.

Find the Buttons to Push

Love it or not technology is the force we use. That's why Yoda sits in our window, reminding us to do or do not. Make or make not. We choose to be creators.


63 High Street
Somersworth, NH 03878


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