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Remote Learning

Here and Now. Our world is changing. I went to a Big Box store. Grown used to "Always Here, Always Now" retail I was surprised to hear just after I entered to get a specific item, "Please bring all you items to the front of the store as we'll be closing in 10 minutes, at 8:30."

That in a day with a meeting at school where we spoke of likely scenarios for school's opening. Teachers present, but probably no students, or very limited numbers of students, in the school itself. And we are likely expected to arrive later than I would have in prior years and leave before I would have in the "before" time. And further expected to have no or very limited physical proximity to colleagues. This is the new world of virtual connection. Good for my world of "electronic connection?" Only in the abstract because our electronic connection is an addition to our human connection. It is that very real human connection that is the heart of all we do.



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